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Let me tell you about my hot sexy boy…Let me tell you about his thick, eager dick and his smooth, sexy ass. Maybe it’s even better if I show you…Ready?

I started to lick his dick and he began to moan. He was yelling now oh baby yeah and he blew his hot load right into my eager mouth. He asked me if porn was okay. I gladly accepted. I told him the same with me but it was okay we were just 2 guys looking for a good time. I started stroking his wet cock and told him to spread his legs.

He then said he was ready to fuck me. He never stopped squirming. I was proud of this guy for his first time he did such a good job. I was wanting to hit up a gay club to see if I could take my mind off of all the things that have been going on at home. I went down to my knees and began to suck his cock. I asked him how it felt and he couldn’t bring the words out as he was still shaking. It was on a Saturday night and I was out scanning he scene. He took off his boxers mmm nice and shaved just the way I like it. I stuck two then three in and he was turning red. I told him that being gay or being curious isn’t wrong and that if he was then with his hot body nobody would shun him. He replied timidly that he wasn’t sure. I’m about 5’5″ and 130 pounds so I’m small but he was about 5’10” and a good 180. We walked up a few stairs and his apartment was first on the right. It’s nothing to be ashamed of I said we are people too so how about we test to see if you are or not.

He smiled and didn’t say no. I inched it in slowly and then went to work. I stroked his cock slow so he could savor the feeling. My cock started to grow and I wanted to whip it out.

I came in his mouth and like a pro he sucked it all up. We sat down and got to talking. I came out to my parents and my mother was not so accepting to have her youngest child of 4 being gay. I licked his ass again and was in heaven then went back to work. I said yeah is it gay porn? He said yeah I jack off every now and again to it. I pounded him good for a while and told him to lay on his stomach and throw his ass up. Oh Thomas you made me very happy that night I’m glad you finally faced your fear and you helped me realize being gay is the only way.
. I stuck my 7 inch cock into that beautiful asshole and he screamed. I came nice and good in his ass I saw it seeping through. He laid on the bed and I took his balls in my mouth nice and salty. I said that I want to be on my back so I can stoke my cock. I then grabbed his sexy neck and wrapped my lips on it. He asked me if I wanted to go to his place and watch a movie with. I was in heaven having this beautiful gay boy on me sucking me with his sweet asshole giving my tongue pleasure. We started watching it and it was some hot stuff my cock was growing in my jeans. I guess he was in the moment cause out came his 8 inch cock and it looked so yummy.

I was getting close to cumming and he was screaming yes fuck me fuck me ahhhh. I didn’t care my dad was always saying go out enjoy life and I intended to do that. He then calmed down and said he wanted me in him. Then he started talking about how he had his dick sucked by a girl and it felt weird. I could smell him and I wanted to just lick the sweat off of him. We laid there for a while and I wanted to suck his cock once more before I left. I kissed him and we tarted making out. I was so horny I could feel his muscles under his shirt. We walked down the street and he said that he lived in a pretty crappy housing place.

I asked him if he was gay. I wanted to know how far he’s gone with a guy if he has at least. He inserted that beautiful cock in me and went to town on my ass. I took off my pants and my 7 inch cock came to light and he said damn that looks tasty. I said it’s cool I myself am trailer trash nothing could embarrass me. So I asked have you ever fucked a guy before he said no I’m scared to what if I am gay. I asked him if he was okay and he said yeah just fuck me. I wanted to see that. I pulled out and then sucked it out of his ass what can I say I love cum. He went and licked it up and put some on my balls so he could suck them too. His name was Thomas he told me he was kinda nervous because this was the first time he had gone to a gay club. His tongue in my mouth was overwhelming. It felt so good having his cock in me I didn’t want to cum for fear it would end too soon. His precum started oozing through and it tasted phenomenal. I was fingering it and licking it and he started to suck me.

He opened the door and showed me around. I asked him if he was getting horny and he said of course aren’t you? I told him duh it was some hot stuff we were watching. I was sitting at my table when a group of hot sexy guys walked by and man were they just delicious. I was stroking nice and hard and I blew my load on my stomach I guess he was spent cause it took him awhile to blow but when he did it felt so good in my ass.

His ass was so hot I loved the taste of his pink eye. I saw his pink little asshole staring back at me. I started going down to his ripped abs and licking his hot body. I got up and hit the dance floor. I swallowed as much as I could but this guy was a champ at cumming. I said do you have lube or lotion I don’t want to hurt you. He took off his shirt and his body was slamming good enough to eat. I saw a guy who looked kinda lonely like me so I walked up to him and asked if he wanted to dance. I wanted to just get closer to him. He threw me on the bed and took off his pants. I gave him a kiss and my number because after this why wouldn’t we get back together.

I then took his cock back in my mouth and slowly tickled his asshole. I wanted to whip it out and jack off. I asked him if he was doing anything later and he said no. He replied yes so we got close and started grinding up on each other. He started jacking off again and I was so horny. I lubed my ass up and he got behind me. I wanted him to sit on my face cause I wanted to play with his ass some more so he did. I lubed up his ass and stuck one finger in it was so tight and I was getting hornier. We sat on the couch and he had brought a few drinks. So I got in the 69 position and he sucked me good and I sucked him good we both came one last time and we hit the shower. He was saying maybe we could take it to the bedroom I didn’t object. I saw his bedroom and I wanted to just tackle him on the bed and have my way with him.

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Crotch Rockets And Hot Crotches

Every one of these super hot guys on bikes are absolutely guaranteed to to rev your engine.

As we began passing people, cars and houses, I assumed the stranger would stop jacking me off, but he didn’t. I wanted to tell him to stop, but I could feel a powerful orgasm rapidly approaching and it felt way too good to have him stop now.

The stranger’s hand was a blur as it slid up and down my cock faster and faster. As he slid closer to me I could feel his erection pressing against my ass.

It was mid-October and I was preparing my motorcycle for winter storage and I decided to go for one last ride. Before I knew it, I found myself a very long ways from town. I finally decided it was time to head back to town.

The stranger took it as a sign that he was able to continue when there was no objection by me. His right hand found my dick and began rubbing.

The bump jarred us both and his hands dropped to my crotch. I thought nothing of it at the time as I waited for his hands to move. His left hand suddenly cupped my balls and squeezed gently.

I was still too shocked to do or say anything. I was torn, I wasn’t gay, not even curious, in fact, the whole situation made me quite uncomfortable. I obviously liked it, as witnessed by my now throbbing erection.

He climbed on the motorcycle behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

The stranger unzipped and unbuttoned my pants. He reached in through the fly hole of my underwear and forcefully pulled my cock and balls out. His left hand resumed tugging and squeezing on my balls and his right hand began stroking my cock aggressively.

The wind was cold, but my cock was so hot that the cool air felt amazing. I soon noticed that every time we hit a bump the stranger was startled just enough to make him tighten his grip on my cock and balls.

” Wow, thanks for stopping, man,” he said.

When the man saw me coming, he quickly stuck his thumb out for a ride.

I traveled along a narrow winding road. As I rounded a sharp bend, I spotted a man walking along the side of the road.

I decided to throw caution to the wind so I pulled over.

” Yeah, no problem,” I replied.

He leaned over my shoulder and shouted, “just drop me off at the nearest gas station ”

His left hand suddenly cupped my balls and squeezed gently. His left hand resumed tugging and squeezing on my balls and his right hand began stroking my cock aggressively.

“My pleasure,” I replied, meaning every word.

Wanting to prolong the experience, I actually headed for the gas station that was the farthest away from where we were.

I soon noticed that every time we hit a bump the stranger was startled just enough to make him tighten his grip on my cock and balls. As we began passing cars, people and houses, I assumed the stranger would stop jacking me off, but he didn’t. As I slowed down to pull into the station, the stranger’s left hand squeezed my balls very tightly, causing me wince from the light pain.

I’ve never had another experience like that one, although I have fantasized about it often. Once again, that one experience has provided me with countless of pleasure as I remember back to that day and masturbate to explosive orgasms imagining the stranger’s hands molesting me.

He flashed me sly smile and jogged away, into the station.

I was just about to explode as I saw the gas station come into view. As I slowed down to pull into the station, the stranger’s left hand squeezed my balls very tightly, causing me wince from the light pain. What seemed like gallons of cum erupted from my cock, coating my gas tank.

My drained and abused dick quickly shrank and softened, but that didn’t stop the friendly stranger, he continued to fondle my balls and yank on my flaccid cock until we pulled into the gas station and came to a stop. He gave my cock and balls one last gentle squeeze and said, “thanks for the ride,” as dismounted the motorcycle.

I was feeling so euphoric that I didn’t even bother putting my dick or balls back inside my underwear, or buttoning my pants. I arrived home, put my motorcycle in the garage and walked to the house with my dick still hanging out.

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That Hot Guy Body

He let me.

As I connected with my hands to direct his dick into my excited mouth he stopped me.

I want that hot mouth of yours sucking on this dick. With that he took one hand to get the top of my head in a vise like grip and with the other he fisted his eleven inch pole and pulled my face towards it. Ever so gradually, enjoying my pain as he teased me with his dick.

The big purple dick head pushed tight versus his company flat stomach. I licked my lips as a consistent stream of clear pre-cum juice dripped out of the throbbing dick head to run down his thick organ. The other hand was down at his substantial dick, gradually, playfully, rubbing it.

I might simply picture myself down on my knees with my 2 hands understanding and molding the company muscles of his ass as his effective hips drove his raving hard-on in and out of my mouth. At that point I looked down and saw I was getting a raving erection in my shorts.

The sweat from his body making them so damp I might plainly see the overview of a remarkable penis pulsating prior to my extremely eyes.

This hot body was all muscle and raw macho sex, however he looked fantastic. His face was somewhat unshaven providing him a dark harmful appearance. Strong jaw bones, thick hot and hot lips, and a strong requiring set to his mouth as he bent over and extended his leg muscles.

“Wanna suck on this dick? Are you going to make me feel great?

You know you want him…That hot guy, his hard body, going down on his thick manhood like your life depends on it…

I was on my knees prior to this jock while he stood there with a very difficult, beast sized dick packed into my mouth, gradually pressing it in and out of my mouth.

He was requiring my head onto his cock, impaling me on his dick as he neared his climax.

I started to get to my feet, all set to leave when he took a look at me and smiled.

Hot sticky cum covered my hair and ran out of my mouth as I attempted in vain to draw every bit and lick of orgasm I could. My entire head was covered in orgasm and more of it had actually dripped down my face onto my chest as he lastly stopped rubbing his dick. His body covered in sweat and orgasm, his dick still hard…

The eleven inch shaft making hot smacking noises as he consistently slapped his big penis versus my cheeks, running it over my forehead, poking it at my eyes and face. I might hardly open my mouth broad enough, my mouth extended so securely I believed it would divide as he put the very first couple of inches of his huge dick in my mouth.

“Take that load young boy, OH YA SUCK IT … feel my hot orgasm shooting inside you …” he sobbed out in satisfaction.

He really rapidly pulled his dick back out of my throat so simply the head was in my mouth.

“Where do you believe your going young boy?” he questioned, as he started to fist his softening dick back into its complete, set up splendor.

You hot mouth is so tight around my horny penis, making it feel genuine great. Now begin drawing that dick young boy. I was on my knees prior to this jock while he stood there with a very tough, beast sized dick packed into my mouth, gradually pressing it in and out of my mouth.

I desire you to ram that tough dick down my throat. I desire to taste your dick, feel it pulsating in my mouth. He smiled in victory and then start to slap his difficult penis versus my face, spraying me with his dripping pre-cum and my spit.

I was in pure euphoria as his dick end up being even harder in my mouth. Just this bar was damp and hot and pulsating with hot pulsating blood and raw sexual power.

“Well boy, you have actually had an opportunity for me to extend that mouth of yours. I desire to drive my thick cock all the method down your throat. He would press in about an inch, then pull nearly all the method out, so that simply the thick huge head was in my mouth.

I simply desire that hot mouth of yours drawing on this dick. I desire to taste your dick, feel it pulsating in my mouth. I might hardly open my mouth large enough, my mouth extended so firmly I believed it would divide as he put the very first couple of inches of his huge dick in my mouth.

He was groaning in heat now, shouting to me.

I felt the hot salted orgasm spray into my mouth, filling it with his male essence. Orgasm was dripping out down the magnificent shooting dick. His huge dick was in both hands, requiring out every last drop of orgasm all over my face.

As his dick went even more and even more into my mouth I strained my throat muscles to take it all, and as he pulled out I drew in with all my might, producing an amazing suction on his cock.

“That was simply the warm up, now its time for the genuine thing. His huge hands, covered in sweat and orgasm, rubbed my itching man-hole. With a deft movement he put his cock-head in between by cheeks, squeezing his dick so its throbbing head got even bigger.

I sucked in his massive dick with an enthusiasm I had actually never ever recognized I had. As his dick went even more and even more into my mouth I strained my throat muscles to take it all, and as he took out I absorbed with all my might, developing an unbelievable suction on his penis. He substantial muscular body was covered in sweat now, muscles popping and bending all over his body, his steel like butts slippery in my frenzied grip as I inhaled his manhood.

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